This $29 MILLION Strand Craft 122 LUXURY YACHT Includes a FREE SUPERCAR!

Many times in the store, we buy the stuff that has something free coming with it, it might be worth a tenth of the price tag of the item but let’s face it, we tend to like free stuff and the marketing people know this and they trick us every time.
We are immediately drawn to the item that says deal, or discount or sale, but it appears it has nothing to do with our salary.

This time, the item that is free in this deal is something that most of us will never be able to buy, but on the other hand, the Strand Craft SC122 extremely luxurious yacht, is even further out of our reach.

Let’s put this in numbers we do understand, this vessel comes with a round number of 14,0000 horsepower, yes, that is fourteen thousand, and the car that you get for free if you decide to drop a few million dollars on it, comes with a 800 horsepower V-12 that has two turbines attached to it.

Well window-shopping is free, so play the video and enjoy what you are about to see.