These are the main three reasons why Aaron Kaufman left the famous car show “Gas Monkey Garage”.

We all know that many hearts are broken due to the fact that Aaron Kaufman is leaving the famous car show Gas Monkey Garage and the famous mechanics duo is splitting up. These guys started their own car show and manage to accomplish so much in a very short time. However, they are splitting up now because Aaron felt that he need to continue his work as a solo player.

Aaron Kaufman became one of the greatest mechanics in the world by learning everything by himself. Here are his top three reasons for leaving the Gas Monkey Garage:

1. Solo Career – we have heard the rumor that Aaron is more interested in a solo carrier which is hos main inspiration to leave the Gas Monkey Garage. He announced that he is leaving on the same day when the new episode was being reviewed and he posted about it on Instagram!

2. Pressure – the short deadlines for his projects is the second reasons for making Aaron quit his job. He stated in the Gas Monkey Garage few times that his work makes him too busy and he cannot finish the projects in each couple of weeks the way he imagined them. He is widely known as a perfectionist.

3. Low ranking – lately, the Gas Monkey Garage show started encountering decrease in its popularity. This was probably one of the reasons that made him make his mind about his future path. Some rumors say that Aaron is planning to start his own TV show, while others suggest that he will join another famous TV show.