This Guy Built a RC Snowblower With a 3D Printer

3D printing is taking the world by storm, and people are doing some amazingly cool stuff with it.

The guys at Spyker RC have designed this snow blower attachment for radio controlled off-road vehicles – in this case a Kyoshso Blizzard Snow Cat – and thanks to 3D printing, they were able to undertake the task of building it themselves. RCSparks Studio was one of the first to have a chance to bolt up the snowblower and take it for a test plow, and it works pretty dang well!

Spinning up the blades just like a full size blower, the RC version slings snow out of the chute and clears a path for the Snow Cat, exactly as you would expect. I can’t believe there isn’t an intrepid teenager somewhere in Minnesota already ordering one of these to take throughout the neighborhood and clear sidewalks and driveways for a reasonable fee, plus he will get to have some fun with his RC while he’s at it!